Mes projets

PP Lait ( Packaging )

Creation of an entire new packaging for a milk. I created a new visual identity with simple lines and circles printed on the white can. The main aim was to attract young client.

Beer ( Packaging )

The main aim was to attract young female customers. First, I chose three fruit flavors, lemon, peach, and coconut. Then, I used a simple line to draw the shape of the fruit. And used a rounded color to highlight the taste, so that customers can see the brand and distinguish the taste at a glance. In order to attract more female customers, I used feminine lines, women's hair, women's lips. Expressing different emotions through eye changes. For the typographie, I chose a font with femininity, Didot. Finally, I chose to use a white can to carry beer. I think it is more fashionable and can attract more young people.

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